This software is specially instrumented for trading the carbon energy-related naturally occurring products that makes it awesome for the common business traders. One must be secure about the common terminologies related to this. Do not worry because you can get the facts right here.


  • Exotic option: This can be any form of option whose pay-out scheme is a kind of complicated type than both put and call options. When these put or call type of option pays out the difference between the strike price and spot price of the underlying asset at the term of exercise, the exotic types can be related to methods adopted by the barrier, digital and spread type of options.


  • Fast Market and its nature: Quickly processing transactions that take place within the ring and operates with such a high volume and with the rapidity that price reporters constantly make queries regarding the price quotations and they press the fast button and there shows up a range of prices.


  • O.B Mine Price: F.O.B stands for the abbreviation for free-on-board mine price value or can be better explained as the charge paid for coal at its respective mining operation site and is free from freight or shipping and insurance expense.


  • The Feebate: Stands commonly for a particular marketing strategy that imposes a kind of fee structure on a specific customer type and additionally has to pay for discounts allocated to other customer types.


Such schemes are introduced to encourage the carbon emissions reduction. Say for example, when the feebate structure is introduced, respective fee or tax are charged on polluters or pollutant producers and are handed over to the non-polluters or non-polluting members. The main aim behind the presenting such a fee is to help stimulate the spreading of green power production with the new technologies and their implementation costs basically remain high.


  • Day beforehand schedule: A status when an independently operating system schedules the next day energy transmission and correspondingly check with the neighboring ISOs, the resulting stage is referred to as the final day ahead of schedule or simply the day beforehand schedule.


In fact, these ISOs have been powered with the making of management schedule and has the sanction to use the transmission grid or network within their control with the further support of other ISOs to safeguard any condition of congestion occurring. They ensure the efficiency of the running system as well as the complete coordination for energy delivery for the coming day.


Hope this information will help you as an energy trader and also the software works according to a fully automated mode but it also offers a manual one as well for all the traders which prefer to test the strategies they have acquired. It generates consistent daily earnings for both newcomers and professionals users.

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