Homeschooling has a vocabulary.  It includes homeschooling terms as well as other words borrowed from the world of traditional education.  When first beginning to homeschool, it can be helpful to learn what some of these terms are.

What is meant by Language Arts?

Language Arts is the area of the curriculum in which students are taught the range of skills needed to become proficient in using the language.   In the elementary and secondary grades, Language Arts is often used when referring to reading and writing.  In upper grades, Language Arts usually includes oral communication, as well.

Homeschooling is sometimes really very helpful. It focuses on the strong points of a student and helps him overcome his weaker points. This may not be possible when he goes to a regular school where the teacher may not even have time to pay attention to each student. The biggest advantage is of course, that the timings are flexible. People do not have to travel and the teaching can be done while doing other work at home.

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Those from a traditional school background may be accustomed to using the word “English” instead of the phrase ”Language Arts”.  Sometimes, parents may also use these words that refer to all of the different components of Language Arts:

  • spelling
  • vocabulary
  • word study (or phonics)
  • reading (or literature)
  • writing (or composition)
  • grammar

These are all part of the Language Arts.

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  • Exotic option: This can be any form of option whose pay-out scheme is a kind of complicated type than both put and call options. When these put or call type of option pays out the difference between the strike price and spot price of the underlying asset at the term of exercise, the exotic types can be related to methods adopted by the barrier, digital and spread type of options.


  • Fast Market and its nature: Quickly processing transactions that take place within the ring and operates with such a high volume and with the rapidity that price reporters constantly make queries regarding the price quotations and they press the fast button and there shows up a range of prices.


  • O.B Mine Price: F.O.B stands for the abbreviation for free-on-board mine price value or can be better explained as the charge paid for coal at its respective mining operation site and is free from freight or shipping and insurance expense.


  • The Feebate: Stands commonly for a particular marketing strategy that imposes a kind of fee structure on a specific customer type and additionally has to pay for discounts allocated to other customer types.


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  • Day beforehand schedule: A status when an independently operating system schedules the next day energy transmission and correspondingly check with the neighboring ISOs, the resulting stage is referred to as the final day ahead of schedule or simply the day beforehand schedule.


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