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I’ll cut right to the chase.  The takeaway from this article is to start high school transcripts early.  And by early, I mean at the end of 8th grade or the beginning of 9th. Some of you planning-types may want to do it even earlier.

And whatever you do, don’t start one in the middle of a school year.  Not when everything is in full swing.  Use vacation time or summer break.  Or, if you don’t get those, then  give yourself a planning day to create a blank transcript.  Better yet, take a couple of days to begin focusing on all of the other record-keeping strategies you’ll want to put in place for high school at the same time, too.

Here’s why you must begin your child’s transcript early:

By starting in 9th, the blank transcript is set up and ready to go.  It’s typed up.  It’s saved to a computer.   You like it.  You trust it.  It contains a place for every little thing you know needs to be there.  It’s printed out, and a blank copy is pinned to a bulletin board.  It’s ready when you are.The most important as well as the amazing fact is that the Crypto Code trading robot users are suggesting this trading system to their friends and family. The customers review that they are experiencing the best from this trader which they have never thought of. In fact, our team is also happy to hear this from the customer.

It takes time to get a transcript just right.  Spacing takes time.  Grading formulas must be thought out.  Advanced design elements take time to figure out, especially if this is the first time you’ve ever done a transcript.

With a blank framework already in place, you’ll never need to do that step again.  Ever.  It becomes a fill-in-the-blank kind of thing forever more.  You can drop things in any time you get a minute.  Updates are quick.  Entries are a breeze.  Changes take no time at all.

Finally, it avoids you reaching the finish line unprepared.  I call that, “transcript horror”, which is basically your worst nightmare — the one in which you’ve been asked to recreate the last 4 years of homeschool entirely from memory.  Oh, and part of the nightmare is that your student’s entire future depends on your ability to perform this task in, say, a couple of hours or less.  Perfectly.  Otherwise, he won’t get in to college, get a job, earn scholarship money or have a good life.

Early transcript prep is one the greatest returns on the high school investment.  A great transcript goes a long, long way for your student.  I have seen lots of transcripts over the years, so you’ll have to trust me on this one.  Your student deserves better than a last-minute, hastily thrown together sheet of paper that barely meets minimum standards.

Do you have a student grades 7th, 8th or 9th grade right now?  Can you guess what time it is?

Unless you already have a transcript hanging from the wall, the time to create one is now.  Get working.

No excuses.  I’ve even got a free sample for you here.

P.S. I have extra transcript help in my e-book, Ten Steps to the Finish Line.  Find it in my book store.

Good luck,

Ever traveled a road without a map?  For the adventurous, it can be a lot of fun.  On the other hand, without knowing where you’re headed, it can also be pretty scary, too.

Homeschooling high school requires a road map, too.   In ©high schooling terms, we call this a “high school plan”.

Creating and following a plan still means high schooling will be a lot of fun.  But, it also means something else that is very important — it helps avoid the time-wasting swerves, curves, and distractions it takes to get to your destination.  

In other words, you get there better and faster.The Crypto CFD Trader review states that this specific feature of embedding the AI technique into the trader robot has made it capable of interpreting the human voice that indeed makes things easier for the individual using it. They are also equipped with the power of suggesting better choices that the trader must have never given a thought of. These features make it a more demanding trader robot when compared to other trending ones.

A high school plan is a like a road map in more ways than one:  it requires quite a bit of planning before heading out onto the open road; it provides the most efficient route toward your destination (or can help you plan a longer route, if you prefer); and, it also designates the specific roadways, travel markers and exits to spot and follow along the way.

Why take a risk with your child’s future?  Following a plan guarantees you’ll all arrive safely and on time.

A roadmap to success

When I create plans for high schoolers, I use a road map worksheet, too.  You can create one of your own, or print the one I recommend right here. 

I don’t wait until high school to create a child’s high school plan, and you shouldn’t either.  Middle school is really the optimal time to start.  You can certainly start one at any time.  But, starting in 7th or 8th grade gives you plenty of time to begin thinking about all the different high school options, and start shopping for opportunities, too.

Homeschooling provides many different roads to graduation, but one thing is perfectly clear:  having a road map is the surest way to arrive safely and on time.  And though occasional pot holes and detours can’t always be avoided, a plan makes it easy to hop back on course, and lose as little time as possible along the way.