There is so much more to science than what kids read in books!  Though written material is great for learning principles, there comes a time in homeschool when parents must recognize that students need practice, too!

Putting scientific ideas into practice means kids actually get to see science in action.  Performing hands-on investigations helps students do what scientists do.  There is just no substitute to hands-on science (virtual experimentation is fine, in a pinch), and in my opinion, physical experimentation should be incorporated into homeschool science as much as possible.

There are literally thousands of science investigations that can easily be performed from home.  A quick web search will yield hundreds of ideas that use ordinary household products and can be performed right out of the kitchen.   Most are fairly inexpensive, too.

Grabbing an idea book is another excellent way to find science experiments to do at home.  One single project book — when combined with  written activities and a couple of other resources – can easily constitute an entire year of homeschool science.

My students and I have been experimenting with some exciting new products from Hallcrest.  Among other products, we have been testing specially-coated stickers that change colors when the temperatures change.  These simple science tools have provided hours of fun and learning for my own kids and for many of the homeschooled children I work with, too.   I admit having a lot of fun using them, too!

It’s so easy to multiply learning just by letting kids try things on their own.  Every one of these designs was created using cold-activated (CAT) stickers and experimenting with water at different temperatures — check out these fun designs:


The stickers we used can be ordered HERE.  Entire sheets (enough for a group) sell for under $10.

Lesson plans for using the stickers in homeschool can be found HERE.  All of the lessons are free!

Hours and hours of science lessons can be planned using these cold stickers alone.  In upcoming posts, I’ll tell you more about some of the other great new products being released over at Hallcrest!


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