Like other basic skills, typing (often called keyboarding) is one of those things homeschoolers should master before graduation – preferably a whole lot sooner.  No student ever complains about knowing how to type, yet many grads lament never taking the time to master this tremendously useful skill.

Parents may introduce keyboarding early on, or wait until it is needed during the child’s life.  I suggest starting in the elementary years so it is almost second-nature by the time longer periods of typing become necessary; but, even introducing keyboarding during high school is never too late.  (See comments about the future of teaching typing, below.)

During high school, a keyboarding course may be given a full- or half-credit on the transcript, assuming it meets the number of hours or level of mastery you require of your students.  Typing tests and printed documents may also be included in a student portfolio as evidence of level mastery, if desired.  In the alternative, keyboarding may be woven into a computer course, a business course, a writing class, a life skills program, or some other practical arts experience designed by you.

Many typing tools exist online, thus finding a favorite for every student isn’t very difficult.  Below, you’ll find a list of about a dozen typing products offered free, online, and [most] without any registration whatsoever.

Check these out for all ages, including adults:


Power Typing

Typing Web Tutor

Peter’s Online Typing Course

Learn 2 Type

Typing Made Fun

Free Typing Game


Try these for the younger set:

Dance Mat Tutor

Typing Learning Game for Kids

Alpha Typing

Keep in mind the proliferation and evolution of modern devices will eventually eliminate the need to teach keyboarding altogether, since most kids will learn entirely on their own.

This is an important skill now. We are becoming completely dependent on devices that need us to type the instructions. Even for earning money through the trading programs we need to have some typing skills. This reminds me of a program that does not need much from you except filling a form and setting the parameters for the robot to follow. This is something anyone can do even if he does not know trading, software coding or quick typing knowledge. The program is called Bitcoin Code and is very popular due to its simplified interface and easy mechanism. You can read more about the algorithm here,

Meanwhile, parents need to make sure all students master basic keyboarding before graduating from homeschool.

Know of any great typing/keyboarding products?  Tell us about it by leaving a COMMENT!